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Jaim has been active in the audiovisual sector since 1999. After starting in television, he started his own business in 2005. After collaborations with his brother Joel Sahuleka in the company Geluidsbroeders, followed by collaboration with Bart van den Broek to found Feverfilm, he has been his own boss again since 2022, with a new focus on long film productions.

Jaim about himself

I like working on arthouse films and social or artistic documentaries, but a genre film or a comedy from time to time provides a nice change. Musical projects always have an extra preference for me because of my musical background. I find it extra special to work on international co-productions. I personally look for interesting foreign films and try to connect with Dutch producers, so that we can carry out post-production in the Netherlands.

Jaim in collaboration

His own network includes all kinds of talented freelancers that he likes to use to complete as many and as good productions as possible. Since the founding of Karakter Sound, he has been able to help many international co-productions achieve a great sound finish.

In-house production

Due to the many productions he works on, Siemen Versloot has joined the team since February 2023 to clarify the agreements with productions and to ensure that he can mainly focus on his favorite work; to blend.

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