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Natasja's Dance


The lives of the strange Daantje and the bitter ex-ballerina Natasja become intertwined. A melancholic and ironic fairy tale as only Jos Stelling can tell, about farewell, loneliness and friendship.
Homeless Daantje meets older ex-ballerina Natasja, who initially does not like him. But fate and their loneliness seem to condemn them to each other. When Natasja decides to return to the place of her childhood – her grandmother's dacha far away from civilization – Daantje wants to come with her. Together they undertake the long physical and spiritual journey to the place of her youth, to the place where she was once happy. Along the way they lose all their belongings and ultimately the road.


Production Company

Supervising sound editor

Sound designer

Dialog Editor

Foley Artist

Re-recording mixer

Jos Stelling
Fixy B.V.
Jaim Sahuleka
Jaim Sahuleka

Alex Booy

Huibert Boon

Jaim Sahuleka
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