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Happy Palace


Restaurant owner Chang dies in a strange manner. The whole of Obdam is in deep mourning for 'their Chinese'. The always loyal Yung Ling (34) is forced to keep the struggling Chinese Indian restaurant Happy Palace running with her brother Lok Man (32), an artist and the most eccentric of the family. Their old hurt is getting in the way of cooperation, but pragmatic mother Suk Wai (56) sees an opportunity to unite the shattered family. Stubborn clichés are fought with taste, in front of and behind the hatch


Production Company

Supervising sound editor

Sound designer

Dialog Editor

Foley Artist

Re-recording mixer

Nicole van Kilsdonk
Fixy B.V.
Jaim Sahuleka

Jaim Sahuleka

Lesley van Brummelen / Sietske Brockhoff

Jaim Sahuleka
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